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Who We Are

We are clean lines. Professional gray with a pop of sass. We are organized chaos and dreamers who turn their dreams into reality. We are boss babes, queens of the multi-task, and wipers of sticky little fingers. We laugh with our whole heart, feel with every fiber in our bodies, learn as we go, and dance like no one is watching.

Here at Life Inspired Plans, we don’t aim for perfection. We aim to live.

We designed the Life Inspired Plans planner to be a tool that helps guide you through your personal goals, career goals, and day-to-day shenanigans so you can clear out the clutter from your mind and focus on the things that matter to you most. We know what kind of roller coaster life can belet us help you accomplish one thing at a time so you can stay on track, be the best version of yourself, and get out there and LIVE.


From the Designer

I grew up with two very hard working parents who showed me what unconditional love, sacrifice, and perseverance is. I also grew up with some strong female influences in the form of my mom and her best friends. Together, they showed me how to live a full life and inspired me through my own journey. They taught me how to be thankful, disciplined, strong through adversity, how to laugh at myself, and give myself grace. I learned that a good bottle of wine is complementary to good times, bad times, and ordinary times. And that it's OK to cry, so long as I pick myself up and keep trying.

Today, as I think about the ladies I work with, am friends with, or meet in passing, I see a little bit of my mom and her friends in all of them. These ladies represent the core values of Life Inspired Plans.

Balance  •  Family  •  Love  •  Presence  •  Dedication  •  Growth

We are a new company and doing all we can to make your experience a great one. I truly hope you enjoy your Life Inspired Plans planner and that it helps you through your journey.